There was a visible tremble in Monica’s hands as she scrolled through her Instagram page. The news was everywhere – wherever she turned, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, everywhere – she couldn’t seem to escape it.Out here with her two closest friends on a Saturday, it was all they could talk about, even though she wanted […]

The Siblings – Episode 3

Deji counted the bottles where she had hidden them in the back of the wardrobe. Five bottles. It was a reasonable number, considering that it could have been worse. It had been worse. She was making an effort, he gave her that. Although for how long, he couldn’t tell. He had feigned sleep until she […]

The Siblings – Episode 2

Ore paused outside her brother’s door, taking a deep breath. She felt bad that she had lied to him, especially because he was the ‘better’ brother. Benjy was easy to talk to, and not judgmental like her eldest brother, Deji. It was why she chose to share her decision with Benjy because she knew he […]

The Siblings – Episode 1

The pitter-patter of the rain against the zinc roof woke Benjy up. Or was it the mismatched voices of the children? He shifted in bed, his hand hitting the wall as he did so, reminding him of his present location; his father’s house. He grimaced, his eyes adjusting to the room he was in. it […]

A Christmas Story

Mary felt her heart race as she stared at the lines on the plastic pregnancy test she held in her hands. It wasn’t like she needed a test to tell her what she already knew, but she had needed some form of tangible assurance, something apart from her vision of the angel. Because how else […]

Battle Of The Rices

Once upon a time, in the Food Kingdom, the Ricedom village, to be precise, there was a debate. This debate was a defining one in the land of Rice; the topic? White rice, Jollof rice and Fried Rice, which was a better option for Nigerian parties? And yes, their focus was on Nigeria because they […]

Christmas In Heaven

It was Christmas. Christmas meant different things to different people, but to the citizens of heaven, like Angel Gordon, Christmas meant more work. The prayer requests rolled in minute by minute, from different parts of the world. The momentum with which they came at this time of the year was considerably higher than during the […]

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