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In this training program, you will learn how to build a sustainable Homeschooling structure, during this COVID-19 crisis and  afterwards. Joining in this program will also give you access to an on-going support system and amazing resources.

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Get your questions answered in real time- interact with your host  

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Get access to an organic community of pre-school parents and teachers

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See Ehn, God's blessings can NEVER elude you ma'am. I was able to access and read the book. Simple to read and understand is an understatement. As I started, I couldn't stop till I read your biography. It's a masterpiece, to think it was written in such a time as this. My description of this book is "A light in Dark places". God bless you immensely ma'am


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Congratulations Mimi...I love the book already...the colors and pictures and all that. I don't have a child yet, I'm keeping it for the future and I know it will sure  be helpful. And when that future comes, be ready for me to ask you plenty questions o! Thank you. Keep doing great exploits. Much love, Kanong


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Homeschooling your kids shouldn't be rocket science. Anyway, what I'm saying is, after demystifying it, it wouldn't be...

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