22 Fun
to TV!

Improve your parenting skills

What better way to show off some dope parenting skills if not by curating fun activities for your children?

Bonding opportunities

This book presents a variety of bonding opportunities for parents and their children.

Constructive and creative activities:

This book outlines activities that cater to the needs of children of all ages.

Debunks the concept of boredom

This book debunks the concept of boredom in the 21st century child and shows parents different ways to engaging kids.

Frequently asked questions

No, I am not suggesting no TV at all. In the book we talk about the PROS of TV. The book shows you other creative alternatives to watching TV.

This book is not a quick fix to your kid(s) addiction to TV, but it can help over time if you are consistent with the activities.

The activities have been curated to cater for children of all ages. The recommended age range for each activity is indicated under each activity.

No, that is not the goal of this book. Rather it aims to help parents bond better with their kids and also raise well rounded children.


See Ehn, God's blessings can NEVER elude you ma'am. I was able to access and read the book. Simple to read and understand is an understatement. As I started, I couldn't stop till I read your biography. It's a masterpiece, to think it was written in such a time as this. My description of this book is "A light in Dark places". God bless you immensely ma'am
Former Student Of DHS 101
Congratulations Mimi...I love the book already...the colors and pictures and all that. I don't have a child yet, I'm keeping it for the future and I know it will sure be helpful. And when that future comes, be ready for me to ask you plenty questions o! Thank you. Keep doing great exploits. Much love, Kanong
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