Forty and Counting… Episode 21

Imade had never been great at handling big emotions, mostly because when growing up, her parents were big on poker faces, so much so that even if they were going through turmoil underneath the surface, they maintained an unwavering exterior. When her parents fought, her mother pinched her face into a frown and answered her […]

Forty and Counting… Episode 14

Service over, Imade remained seated, unwilling to leave before speaking to Dapo. Intent on dropping the burden on her heart. Through the service, her eyes had wandered to Dapo once, twice. A little awestruck, she decided, at what he had become. Who he had become. Who would have thought that the petite mischief-maker would evolve […]

Forty and Counting… Episode 13

“Babe, I practically walked him out of the restaurant that day. I’m ashamed, abeg. Let’s just leave it. I mean, I won’t be in Benin too long so I may not have to see him again.”

“You see this thing you’re doing? It’s how Satan keeps us from God’s forgiveness. Shame mixed with pride is what stops us from going back to God when we’ve messed up.”

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