Fun Learning This Summer!

Reading and writing are skills that are organic and cannot be replaced by anything. Generation Z Summer Bootcamp 2021, is a 4-week fun summer program that includes activities like creative writing, reading, craftshop, public speaking, kindness games and Zumba dance classes. The program, amongst other things, is aimed at improving your young one's reading and writing skills and equipping them with adequate tools required to communicate with different audiences.


For every bootcamp, and every cohort of the Generation Z Tribe, we always have a theme that is the focus of that bootcamp or cohort. Through fun learning, we also aim to teach the children about important virtues and skills that are relevant for living. This year, we chose the theme, KINDNESS.

Why Kindness?

Because in a world where everyone is looking out for themselves, being kind just for the sake of it is going extinct. There has been an increase in cyberbullying in recent times amongst children because of the missing ingredient of kindness. This year, we want to change the narrative in our little corner.

Creative Writing

Children will test their creativity and develop basic creative writing skills, through proper use of punctuation, grammar amongst others.

Kindness Games

These are real-life experiences where the children will carry out genuine acts of kindness and get feedback on the effects of their gesture.


Just the kids getting a little hands-on with paper, expressing art in other forms other than on a canvas.

Public Speaking

Our children are headed for greatness- at the Bootcamp, we will kick-start the grooming process for their future audience.

Zumba Dance Classes

This is not just fun learning, it is learning fun! We predict it might be the kids favourite session.

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