Forty and Counting… Episode 9

“We have a project that we think you are the perfect person to oversee,” Mrs Ajayi said. “Is it church project?” Imade asked. “No, my dear. It is personal. Something that has been on our heart for a while. We want to acquire an orphanage.” Imade gasped, “that’s amazing!” “Yes. We want to do something […]

Forty and Counting…Episode 2

The lobby at Babangida hospital was freshly-painted nude walls, narrow space lined with metal chairs and frames of smiling babies, old men and pregnant women, alongside motivational medical quotes – “Your body is a temple, treat it right” “COVID-19 is real, mask up”, “Minding your business is good medicine”. The receptionist’s counter was cordoned off […]

Forty and Counting…

The mesh of voices delivering the happy birthday song jolted Imade back to the present. One of her guests – Mena – was showing off her voice while singing, throwing in a few twists and turns that would give contestants on The Voice a run for their money. “…birthday to you…ou…ou.” Imade caught the tail […]


MUM My heart drops. I watch as my daughter freezes. She gives no indication that she heard the speaker. Spell barricade, honey. You know it.  I try to communicate my thoughts to her. She is staring at something, at nothing. I close my eyes and pray.  “Brenda?” the speaker calls her name again, confused. “Don’t […]

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